Sustainable Features to Include in Your Next Home Project

May 14, 2021

Attention towards our environment and sustainability has been on the rise across all industries. We have seen many companies implement sustainable initiatives and there is so much we can do in our own home as well! With the environment being a constant topic, many have taken a moment to consider how they can individually reduce their impact on the environment. If you’re looking to start your next home project, here are just a few ideas on how we can do it more sustainably!


1. Reclaimed & Upcycled Materials

Some of the most unique projects are built using materials from a previous project or building. Using reclaimed materials is a great way to add character to your project and create something that is unlike anything else! Using what would be waste and what you already have is the best way to reduce your environmental impact! At ACP Homes, our team are experts in this process. We can see the potential in what already exists in your home while making it feel brand new! 

Upcycling has been a growing trend and is a project destined for innovators! Surprisingly, shipping containers used in upcycling projects have been a growing trend. From pools to tiny houses, an old shipping container can be transformed into anything you can think of. If you upcycle your next home project, work with ACP Homes and we can help develop your most innovative projects!


2. Large Windows and Statement Glass

The installation of a large scenic window will bring a strong connection between your home and the outdoors. The higher use of natural light decreases your use of electricity and will allow you to successfully grow more plants indoors! This feature can be done across many areas of your home using windows, doors, and skylights. Statement glass is customizable to both your home’s availability and your aesthetic needs. If you choose to add this sustainable feature to your home, be sure it is smart glass, an energy-efficient product, or a LEED-certified product to assure it will not decrease your home’s energy efficiency.


3. Eco-Friendly Cabinets

Of course, the most sustainable option is using what already exists. However, if that isn’t an option, there are many eco-friendly materials available in any style. If your next project is a kitchen remodel or custom-made cabinetry, then consider an eco-friendly material! ACP Homes will work with you to develop a new design with sustainable materials. There are a variety of eco-friendly cabinet options such as FSC-Certified, Bamboo, Lyptus, and Formaldehyde-free that can be selected with your design preferences in mind! Wood labeled with a FSC-Certification has been sourced from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social, and economic benefits. Bamboo and Lyptus are renewable resources that make for a unique look. These options are better for the environment and could even improve the air quality in your home. Unfortunately, formaldehyde is toxic and can be found in many products despite the health risks. Although there are legal limitations on the amount of formaldehyde found in a product, it is always best to choose a Formaldehyde-free option for a toxic-free environment. 


Using reclaimed and upcycled materials, installing statement glass, and eco-friendly cabinets are just a few of the many ways to improve your home’s environmental impact. There are many eco-friendly options to consider when coming up with your next home project and ACP Homes is here to help you implement them! Contact us today to discuss your eco-friendly home projects.