3 Simple Renovations to Refresh Your Space

March 15, 2021

Naturally, our styles and needs change as time surpasses and we begin to envision ways that we can improve our homes through the overall look and possible functionality. Remodeling your home may seem like a daunting task but refreshing your space can be easier and more budget-friendly than you think! Luckily, ACP Homes can help with any project regardless of the size and offers a diverse range of skill sets to accomplish your projects! Here are 3 simple renovations that can transform any room or even your entire home! 


1.) New Flooring


Regardless of the current style of your home, new flooring can bring an entirely different feel to a room. From carpet, tile, wood, concrete, and more, your options are endless allowing for a simple transformation towards any style you desire. The floors of a room can also impact the way we feel in a space and can be used to create illusions. For example, If you have a room that feels small or cramped, we suggest light-colored floors that will help reflect light and make your space feel more open and welcoming. Floor renovations can be made stress-free and simple when hiring ACP and have even been known to increase the overall value of your home!

2.) Custom Builds and Special Features


Another way to elevate the look of your home is through custom shelving, adding chair rail or wainscoting, or adding a special feature of your choice. These projects give a more luxurious feel and are particularly special to your home and the particular space. This is the perfect opportunity to create something specific to your needs for the space. Possibly, this customized feature could be serving a purpose such as an organization, is built purely for decoration, or maybe you need the design to consider both look and function. The choice is up to you and can be made easier by trusting ACP Homes! Our expert craftsmen and problem-solving mindsets allow us to provide functionality while enhancing the overall appearance of your space. This type of renovation may even transform the overall purpose and flow of the space.


3.) Replace The “Little Stuff”


A fresh coat of paint and replacing old lighting fixtures can refresh the style of your home and it may just be enough to give it the revamp that you need. We believe in using the highest quality materials in making your design ideas come to life even with the smallest projects. Remodeling certain features in your home is a budget and time-friendly way to refresh your space and give it that new-home feel at a fraction of the cost! 


There is always room to improve or enhance your home and we believe that new flooring, custom builds and special features, and replacing the “little stuff” are all simple ways to accomplish your up-to-date look! From installing new kitchen countertops to creating a custom build, ACP Homes is ecstatic to be a part of refreshing your home and we cannot wait to work with you! 


If you are looking to transform your home or even just an area of your home give us a call and we would be happy to help make your vision a reality!